Friday, July 01, 2005

My Gallery Visits In New York City 25 June 2005

Starting on Saturday, 25 June 2005 I decided to make visits to art galleries in New York City and to place the photos of works I have taken and will take in future visits on a blog.

My first excursion was reduced to fewer galleries than expected because of the extreme heat and humidity in NYC that day. I just can't take the hot weather. However I did have a most enjoyable time and saw, what I think was art that stood out in my mind's eye.

I have included some other shots I took along the streets of Chelsea, the art epicentre of New York City and a few galleries in Brooklyn as well. Brooklyn I think is a sleeping giant of art talent and activity, still passed over by many not willing to spend the extra time to investigate that location of NYC housing a treasure trove of contemporary art and artists. I live in Brooklyn, so I must beat the drum for the Brooklyn based artists and galleries.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Last but not least, my favourite acrylic on poster 28" x 22" piece titled UK Today. Used in London (my digs) for tourism features.

"Red Flag" 28" x 22" acrylic on poster paper. London Gallery.

My 20" x 20" piece titled: Position." London Gallery Brooklyn.

30" x 30" work titled: " Wavicles & The Double Slit Experiment Result."

A favourite piece seen at the London Gallery, 30" x 30" titled: "In Wine There Is Truth."

At the London Gallery, 30" x 30" acrylic on canvas titled: "The Gravitational Effects On A Wet Painting."

40" x 30" acrylic exhibit piece titled: "MILANO."

Another exhibit piece called: "Low Energy Emission." 30" x 30" Acrylic on canvas.

My work 30" x 30" titled: "Overcoming Inertia."

Another piece of mine 30" x 30" titled: "The Death of Da Vinci." Acrylic on canvas.

One of my pieces on exhibit at the London Gallery In Brooklyn. 481 Van Brunt St. Acrylic on canvas 30" x 30" titled: "Blossom."

Closeup shot of the work.

An entry of mine in the BWAC (Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition) upcoming Earth Show. 499 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook Brooklyn. their web site. A 52" by 38" digital print of photos I took on a recent trip across Europe during the month of May 2005. Titles: "Work Shall Make You Free."

It's me bloody motorcar, no tickets this time. Cheers!

Recreation time.............a lovely byrd indeed!

London Terrace Apartment rooftop, reminds me of an M. C. Escher piece. Chelsea.

Most interesting oriental subject, beautifully done. CUE.

To me, it's just beautiful to view. CUE Art Foundation piece.

A piece that looks like a Van Gogh that traveled through 4 dimensional space-time. CUE Art Foundation.

Very interesting effect of interlaced visual information like a TV screen. CUE Foundation.

A sculpture at the Cue Art Foundation @ 511 W. 25th. St.

Alzheimer's gettin the upper hand in her forgetfulness OR a stripper at heart. Marvelous piece. for further information.

They only modeled half the time yah know!

An exhibition (excuse the pun) of nude poly sculptures at the Nancy Margolis Gallery, 523 West 25th. St. Chelsea. It is art you know, so take it as serious work as I did. Brilliant in fact. One can only be thankful that we weren't subject matter. Afterall who wants an expose?:-)

The radiant flourescence of these pieces at Kashya Hildebrand are beautiful. See more at their web site:

A firery brilliant piece at Kashya Hildebrand.

Current piece of a group show at Kashya Hildebrand Gallery, 531 W. 25th. St. Chelsea.

Decisions, decisions.

Just havin fun on the street.

Just me and my shadow:-)

Another very large painting by Joan Mitchell, currently at Cheim & Read Gallery. I love her stuff.

The most colourful and superb work of Joan Mitchell at the Cheim & Read Gallery 547 West 25th St. Chelsea. My favourite piece.

Empty Mason jars come alive at the Henoch Gallery. Again another superb piece.

Waiting for the train at 51st St. with patience and drifting thoughts is so vividly captured in this piece at Henoch Gallery.

Brilliant work..........Henoch Gallery.

A charming sculpture piece at Henoch.

This Henoch entry makes it hard to believe that it is a painiting and not a huge photo. Which means that the style of this artist works and accomplishes the goal.

This piece at Henoch represents the quality of work represented there.

Henoch Gallery. their web site.

Another great work at Henoch. Visit their web site to see who all of the artists are:

This piece captures the old art studio of some artist, and it really represents the aged dwelling type so commonly used by New York artists.

Gallery Henoch located at 555 West 25th St. Chelsea has a brilliant realistic group exhibition currently. One of the many excellent works of this style.

Another piece by Anna Joelsdottir. at the STUX Gallery 530 West 25th St. NYC 10011 Chelsea.

Unique superb paintings by Anna Joelsdottir. I really like her work. Judging from her last name, I think she is from Iceland. At any rate, the work is brilliant. Negative(white) space is not easy to conquer, but she did it. Bravo.

Close up view of Jenny Saville's super work.

Another huge work by Jenny Saville. 15 feet square or so. Monumental work indeed. Gagosian Gallery.

A huge work by Sigmar Polke, 12 ft. by 15 ft. At Gagosian Gallery.

Another piece in the side gallery at Gagosian. It certainly is an artistic statement about phones and connexions throughout the world.

A piece in a side gallery annex. Walking around this causes the brain to get confused by the angular changes in lines of demarcation of the edges of the pink tubs. Thus one experiences vertigo to say the least. Cool work.

Another Gagosian exhibition piece by Soth. The works are beautiful and rewarding to view, but since they are framed in glass, which is not non-reflective I had to take the shots at an angle so as not to show me. Here is one that I forgot to do so.